South Wye Police Boxing Academy Brand New Website Developed by The DM Lab
March 31, 2023
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by South Wye Police Boxing Academy

The club is delighted to present to you our BRAND NEW website from The DM Lab!

The guys at The DM Lab, avid supporters of the club, have kindly supported our digital presence with this excellent new site. The site is a real representation of the club, our people and how we support the community. There’s loads of additional information on the site that perhaps we don’t cover on Facebook. So, it’ll hopefully turn into a valuable asset to our club.

Our Facebook page will always be at the forefront of the club. However, it’s fantastic to have a presence for the club online to help others learn about our club.


The site includes some neat features like our annual boxing show, information on our coaches, a fantastic gallery full of photos taken by Gerry our club photographer. This will help paint a picture of the club and our initiatives to those who may be new to us. Gerry’s imagery appears all over the site so you’ll see some familiar faces throughout the site!

You can also access the Coacha sign up form easily from the site. We also have some frequently asked questions and a page dedicated to our Queens Award For Voluntary Service back in 2010.

We’re extremely pleased with the site and we are incredibly grateful for all the support the club receives from Hereford City Council, West Mercia Police and The DM Lab. If you know a business that is also able to support our club do spread the word. It will have far reaching benefits for the local community.

If you think there are any improvements that could be made to the website, do let us know but we’re extremely pleased that we have something that helps us stand out.

Thank you to The DM Lab

These guys are Hereford’s number one agency for all things web, marketing and graphic design. Do bear them in mind if what they can offer will be of service to you.


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