David 'Woody' Wood

David 'Woody' Wood

Coach & Club Admin

David ‘Woody’ Wood has been involved in amateur boxing since volunteering at South Wye in December 2019. This initially began by supporting coaches at the gym through managing memberships and payments. There was a rewarding opportunity at the club to support the boxers in their development and Woody progressively became more integrated into the coaching team.

Woody’s first role was welcoming novice members into the gym and encouraging them through the basic fundamentals of boxing. An important point in a boxer’s journey. Most of us will remember when we first walked through the gym doors at South Wye and the atmosphere within.

In October 2021 the club supported Woody in attaining the position of an England Boxing Level 1 Amateur Coach and in February 2023 this progressed to the position of a Level 2.


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    It is a privilege to be supporting the coaching team at South Wye and the positive ethos towards welcoming and developing boxers of all abilities.

    What do you love about the club?

    The positive impact that participation in amateur boxing can bring to boxers individually, and as a community is massive. It is often wider than the specific sport of boxing, it is providing a consistent environment for boxers to improve and maintain their physical and mental health. For everyone involved in the club, boxers and coaches, there is passion to keep improving and supporting each other to achieve success both within and outside of the boxing gym. Witnessing and being part of our boxers progress towards their goals is an enormous privilege.

    Who have you worked with?

    David ‘Woody’ Wood has worked to support hundreds of recreational and amateur boxers. Each one with their own targets and challenges to overcome. This has involved building confidence in the abilities of some and preparing others for competition at an elite level. The South Wye Police Boxing Academy Christmas Show has become a widely respected amateur boxing event and our boxers also continue to participate in regional  and national competitions.

    Any other sports?

    Most amateur boxing coaches will acknowledge that the commitment required often leaves precious little free time to participate in other sports. However outside of the gym, David ‘Woody’ Wood enjoys snowboarding and if he is absent for a week or two this is where you might find him!

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