Vince McNally

Club Secretary & Gym Manager

Vince has been involved in the sport of boxing for many years and has been lucky enough to have worked with, and have met, many wonderful people along the way.

South Wye Police boxing Academy was formed in 2014. It all started with an empty hall. Now, the club has one of the largest gyms in the midlands, and this is a credit to all of the club’s coaching team and boxers.

Vince is very proud of being a part of the South Wye Police Boxing Academy team, and he hopes to continue to support the club for many years to come.

Vince works as a volunteer and boxing coach at both Hinton Community Centre and South Wye Police Boxing Academy.

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    In recognition of his work, Vince has been awarded an MBE for services to the community in Hereford as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours list in 2020.

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