Community Champion of the Year
October 30, 2023
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by South Wye Police Boxing Academy

Community Champion of the Year

Community Champion of the Year

Our Journey & Achievements

At South Wye Police Boxing Academy (SWPBA), our boxing ring doesn’t just resonate with punches and jabs.  It resonates with life-changing stories, community bonds, and societal impact. We’re not just training boxers; we’re building responsible, empathetic citizens and making a tangible difference in Hereford. Here’s a snapshot of our journey and the essence that recently crowned us the ‘Community Champion of the Year‘.

Our Ethos

Established as more than just a boxing academy, SWPBA acts as a beacon for community growth. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach to boxing. Our diverse outreach, and our unwavering commitment to fostering leadership, unity, and empathy. SWPBA’s involvement has ranged from assisting flood victims to distributing over 200 isolation packs during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our “Fit and Fed” initiative underlines our mission to address broader societal challenges.

Historical Footprints

Our rich history and growth are testament to our holistic community involvement. Recognised for our enduring impact, we were honoured with The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service in 2010. From a humble start, today our facilities often host England Boxing national training camps. Thus indicating our stature in the boxing community. Over the years, our proactive community service initiatives have empowered us to raise over £40,000 for local charities.

Visions for the Future

Our roadmap for 2023/24 is clear: we aim to elevate our community outreach further. With international-level training on the horizon and stronger ties with local sports entities, our ambition is to further solidify our role as a key pillar in the community. Our well-established 2023 Christmas show is set to provide a platform for local boxers, promising another eventful year for SWPBA.

What Sets Us Apart

Diverse services, an open-door policy, partnerships with organisations like the local Safer Neighbourhood Team, and specialised programmes, make SWPBA truly unique. We have created an inclusive environment that caters to varied needs, from competitive boxing to fitness, camaraderie, and mental resilience. Our mantra, inspired by Vince, “be positive and only have positive people around you,” acts as a beacon, emphasising the values we stand for.

Chronicles of Success

From being honoured with The High Sheriff of Herefordshire Award and receiving the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, to shaping national champions like Othman Said and Yusuf Abdallah, our success stories are endless. With over 500 active members, many through police referrals, our legacy in Hereford is profound.

Transformative Tales

Each individual at SWPBA carries a transformative tale. From Roland Wooderson’s nomination of the club for the Queen’s Award to Delicious ‘DJ’ Orie’s unwavering commitment to mentoring aspirants, our impact is palpable. Therefore the touching tribute to Dan Marshall at our annual Christmas Boxing Show and the Anti-Violence Bee Monument are poignant symbols of our deep community ties.

Community Champion of the Year

Above all, we are more than honoured to have been chosen as the Community Champion of the Year at the Herefordshire Business Awards. As we look ahead, our commitment remains unchanged: to make a difference, one punch, one boxer, and one community initiative at a time. Join us on this journey and be part of the change.

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