Delicious 'DJ' Orie

Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist

Delicious ‘DJ’ Orie, the academic athlete, has set his sights on being the best amateur super-heavyweight boxer in the world.

DJ won gold for England at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham and aiming to reach the highest podium spot in the 2024 Paris Olympics as part of Team GB.

But that is just the start. After Paris 2024, Delicious plans to follow in Joshua’s footsteps and turn professional. It is, he says, a matter of time before he is crowned world champion.

“I’ll be pro by the time I’m 27 and aim to be world champion a few years later,” foresees the boxer who was named in January as one of the 2021 BBC Sport’s ‘Generation Next’ inspirational superstars.

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    This is the goal he has had since the age of 18, when he donned a pair of boxing gloves and headed into the boxing gym for the first time.

    “As soon as I went to a boxing gym and tried it out, I knew I wanted to be the best at it,” says Delicious ‘DJ’ Orie. “There were no doubts in my mind that was my aim.”

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